Delicacies from the lands of Koraput

Delight your senses with the rich experience of dark chocolate. Get lost in the tempting aroma of coffee. We bring to you a luscious blend of good taste and good health of millets. Celebrate your cheat day without any guilt with HelEn’s chocolate fudge.
Multigrain cookie

The multigrain chocolate cookie is a unique blend of strength and taste that provides wholeness. The incense is derived from the addition of vanilla that complements the presence of Choco chip in it. The absence of sugar with the presence of millet is a treat for every fitness freak.


The supreme indulgence of butterscotch with every crumble that you chew. Pure decadence in every bite that you take.

From young to adult everyone’s favourite, here’s a vanilla cupcake, for any day or any event.

Black currant
Take the feels of snowflakes on a sunny morning. Feel young, feel alive. Every bite will push you to go for another.

Grab a cupcake and spend your break time like a boss. We bring to you a portable on-the-go choice to keep you going throughout the day. With natural flavours and goodness of grains, it’s a delight for our body.

Young or adult, there is no one, who isn’t a mango fan. Sweet and light, here is a mango cupcake for your absolute delight!

Going to a juice shop, pineapple is always the first flavour we ask for. Who are we kidding? Who isn’t a cupcake lover? Grab the mash of both your favourites in each bite of HelEn’s pineapple cupcake.


Few things make us instantly cheerful. One of those is French macarons. First time in the market we bring to you macarons that aren't just yummy but nutritionally rich and healthy.

Here, we bring a healthy treat to you.

Happy macaron-ing, everyone!


Jowar vermicelli kheer
Control, no more! We bring to you a healthy alternative for your after-meal dessert cravings. We bring to you the richness of sorghum in the form of kheer. It’s time to be ready for the wholesome experience of taste and health.

Roasted coconut
The kheer displays an abundance of roasted coconut and jaggery aromas with the touch of thickness in the palate. The palate is intense and elegant and complement by the health and goodness of millets.

Diabetic friendly
Yeah! You saw it right! Its diabetic friendly.  The wait is over now. Go have the taste of sweetness with no worries, absolutely 0 calories and no after taste on your palate. Feel rich with the power pack of health and sweetness!

The palate is rich with the goodness of all the amazing dry fruits that linger throughout. The aroma is fragrant with the blend of raisins and almonds on the nose without missing out on the benefits of millets.


The Manchow is true to its form, another HelEn classic. The aroma follows through a palate that features rare spices, fresh vegetables with the complex and sweet taste that is balanced by the health of finger millets in the form of noodles.

Hot and sour
The palate shows the hotness of green chilli paste for a spicy experience with the healthy benefits of finger millets. Alongside, the deep cherry red colour would not fail to give you the proper feels of the spice in it.

Indo-oriental soup
The soup has a fragrance of coconut coupled with the mildness of Thai touch with textural weight and a soft, creamy finish. The softness makes the soup immediately approachable. The vibrant and lively soup with subtle green highlights will give you the joy of delicacy.


A sturdy drink is treat for the soul. And every being, from young to old, deserve to celebrate life. ‘We live only once”, don’t we? A recreation of health and wellness with amazing flavours. One that erases the compromise between taste and health.

Rich with the healthy dose of nutrients from millets:

  • Vitamin B6,C,E,K
  • Vitamin -Folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Fiber

Wholesome indulgence of millets…

Grab a bottle and feel invigorating with the fresh taste of guava. With no artificial sweeteners or flavours and the goodness of millets it’s sure to add a smile to your face.

A unique fusion of sweetness of mango with the health benefits of millets is a refreshing summer blend without any added artificial sweeteners or flavours. A summer’s stroll in a bottle!

The salutary combination of taste and nutrition! We serve to you the millet-based perfect healthy thirst quencher with the delicious taste of chocolate. Pure contentment in every sip you take!


Appealing experience of milkshakes without the milk with the fruity freshness..

An amusing feeling is just a bottle away! The juicy taste of squeezed guavas packed in the bottle will not fail to please your taste goblets. These easy to carry bottles will become the perfect companion for your tiring routine promenades.

The easy and delightful way to get some good in your ordinary routine. Helen brings to you the nutritional values and goodness of millets with the all-time favourite punch of mangoes. Each bottle will give you the right amount of oomph with absolutely no compromise!

Give your mouth a burst of the rich exotic taste of chocolate and high nutritional value of millets. A perfect kick starter for your day, ideal companion for the lunch breaks and indeed a superb replacement for the dinners. This is a sure shot favourite for all generations.